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Infant to Pre-K Curriculum
Our curriculum addresses the needs of each child at every age.  Each child is a unique individual with feelings, emotions, and needs at each stage of development. We believe that giving children choices allow them to develop individually and feel empowered over the world around them.  This helps them to succeed and develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

As Ms. Brandi is a parent and Degreed Teacher, she understands not only the needs of child development, but also the requirements that are needed upon entering Kindergarten.  Her program is therefore tailored accordingly.  Fine motor, gross motor, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and music and movement are only a few of the areas our program addresses.  Our theme based curriculum rotates each month and for our students ages 18 months and up, it revolves around three letters, colors, shapes, numbers and sight words.  Our infant program uses a theme based curriculum as well that centers on responsive caregiving.  Topics include fun themes such as Body Parts, Ocean, and Farm Animals.  Our teachers plan developmentally appropriate activities for each group around these concepts.  

Children develop at their own pace and our curriculum is tailored for the individual child.  Monthly assessments help to track the progress of each child and it is a wonderful process as you see your child grows and develop!
A Mother's Love Childcare Services
Open 6:30 am to 6:00 pm

At A Mother's Love Childcare, we work hard to develop caring, respectful relationships with your child.  Consistent parent/caregiver communication, hands-on staff, and an outstanding curriculum, all help to make our program a success!  
Daily Schedule
Our day is structured but with room for change.  Working with children requires patience and flexibility.  In our daily schedule we provide time for outside play, formal learning time, circle time, rest time, music and movement, potty training assistance, arts and crafts, as well as small group and large group activities.  Our schedule is constantly changing to meet the needs of the group of children enrolled.  Click here to see a sample of our daily schedule.  
Parent Communication
One of the most important things for your child's success is communication between us.  At A Mother's Love Childcare, we pride ourselves on keeping the lines of communication open.  We know that you are experts on your own children, and we value your insight and expertise.  We use many forms of communication to help keep the lines of communication open between us!
Daily electronic reports are provided to tell you about meals, diaper changes, and potty training progression. 
We also update our Facebook page, A Mother's Love Childcare LLC, with important information as well as pictures and videos of all the fun we have!
In addition, we use REMIND 101, a text messaging service, to keep you informed of special events.
 Each month, you will also receive a calendar with special events such as Show and Tell for the letter of the week, wear a certain color for the color of the month and other important events and news.  Click here to see a sample of our monthly events.
Monthly assessments are also performed and sent home so that you may track your child's progress each month!
Your child will be served breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack.  All of our meals provide a well balanced diet and meet the USDA Food Requirements.  
A Mother's Love Childcare has regular inspections to ensure your child is receiving adequate nutrition each day!  We also have a three week menu rotation.  Click here to see a sample of our menu.